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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Recycling Your Christmas Tree

Now that we've begun 2010, most of us have taken down our Christmas trees, and you may be wondering what to do with it. Traditionally, recycling programs have turned the trees into mulch, but there are many other programs and uses for your used tree.

Photo Credit: Michael Woodruff via

This year, we've decided to turn our tree into a bird habitat/feeder. We have it outside, still in the base, anchored with some rocks inside. Tomorrow the kids and I will spend some quality time making pinecone feeders and stringing popcorn. Not only will this provide some winter shelter for the birds, but it will also give us a chance to do some bird watching. This will definately be part of our homeschool science lessons. Along this same vein, you could also take the branches and spread them out around your property as shelter for wildlife. Check with your local Department of Natural Resources to find out if they have a program for trees in place. Many municipalities use the trees in soil and erosion prevention programs, and also in lakes and rivers as fish sanctuaries.
Besides wildlife habitat and mulching, recycled Christmas trees also provide: energy, heat, and even vaccine ingredients. Keep it out of the landfill, and check out what programs are available to you by visiting

Monday, April 20, 2009

RuMe Reusable Bag GIVEAWAY

Even the lightest of greenies are starting to bring their own bags to the supermarket, and saving millions of pounds of waste each year. But even with the best of intentions, many of us leave our bags at home, in the car....anywhere but in the store with us! With so many types of reusable bags out there, choosing the right system for you can be daunting. I'd like to share with you why RuMe reusable bags are my personal favorites!

  • The Ease: Compact & simple to fold up into my purse. After I unload my market goods, groceries, or shopping exploits from the bag(s), I simply fold it up and return it to my purse. When I used plastic bags, I emptied them and stuck them in a designated spot for recycling. Now the spot is in my purse....and my cabinets are free of clutter!

  • The Design: Specifically the square designed seams. These make the bags easy to stand up, which makes your bagger like you. Other reusable bags can be slippery and annoying for baggers who are used to a system....which has led to me being left to bag myself! Never happens with my RuMe Bags

  • The Size: HUGE! You can take 3 and get an average size grocery cart into them. I'm not kidding...I've done it! They are also great at farmer's markets because they are water-proof and easily fit over your shoulder for easy carrying.

  • The Style: Who wants to walk into the mall or Target with a $2 grocery-store branded bag? RuMe bags are so cute, they move beyond the grocery store, and replace ALL one-time use bags! Not to mention many of the styles are masculine...your man will thank you!

  • The Options: If you don't need a bag as big, buy the Mini! Same style, durability and design...just mini! Great for packing lunch, going to the library, the gym, wherever!

There are really more reasons why this is my go to bag constantly, but I'll stop here! Actually, I'm not stopping, I'm giving away 3 of these bags to celebrate Earth Day! To enter, leave a comment about what one green thing you've resisted doing, and why. For an extra entry, subscribe the the MamaGoesGreen newsletter. And lastly, Twitter about it, and let me know! Do it before April 23rd, I'm choosing the winners on the 24th. Have fun!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From Trash to Treasure

I picked up this metal glider at a yard sale for $2. I just loved the "bones" of it. Well, 2 cans of spray paint later, I have a fabulous bench for my deck:
Although the spray paint is not the most eco-friendly option, it is certainly better than this bench in a landfill.